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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The End

This blog has been running for over a year and apart from exposing and embarassing SABP's executives as incompentent and dishonest , the quackademics from SCMH as corrupt manipulative idiots and the statutory bodies and structures which are supposed to monitor SABP on behalf of patients and the public as totally useless we havent really modified anyones behavior.

So, its time to move on.

Not sure if people just want the blog left here or deleted , e-mail your preferences here

This ending reminds me a bit of that scene in War of the Worlds where the aliens are all dead and people survey the destruction around them and start to think about rebuilding their world and the narrator cuts in to say "It wasnt any human weapon that destroyed the menace but the small things of nature" this case though the aliens simply wandered off to leave the earthlings to fuck things up for themselves.....again.


At 6:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You did more than your fair share, mate.

And for anyone who was involved in this campaign. Good on you.

Mandy x

At 6:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about it being as Blog exposing the Qaukacademics and the Bureaucrats for the self interested uncaring overpaid people that they are? This blog is part of Service User History and rightly should be archived rather than deleted.
At least we have something to work on.
best wishes
Anon to Protect Identity

At 1:32 am, Anonymous des said...

Think the consensus is to just leave the blog floating here.

Am intrigued by our friend (or opponent ) in Spain who has hung on in there throughout

At 1:19 am, Anonymous slurry from surrey said...

I would leave it up as a trophy to what can be achived and also as a warning to others!

At 11:38 pm, Anonymous Jill said...

If you miss us you'll be able to find us on

which is a lot more fun....

And they are doing the WRONG thing with that garden centre...


At 2:54 am, Anonymous Azzami said...

madness, music and mayhem - join up at

At 11:40 pm, Anonymous Philo said...

If Fiona and Mark Edwards had any sense they would be offloading Softools and offering to invest in Mad Planet as just looking at the pics people post and the openess they have embraced on that site is incredible.

Hey! Fiona and Mark, you've enriched yourselves off the UK state healthcare now give a little back - $100 will keep these guys going for a year.

You claim more than that in gasoline expenses each week.

Be a man/woman in place where there are none.


At 12:59 am, Anonymous DogkennelOnthe Moon said...

The NHS and cross organisational culture of unaccountability if anything is worse than it ever was and against that you had a go with others....But they have the control , finance , and the networks and the subtle dishonesty at their disposal ..

However its a like a large slow motion tsunami vomit-wave generated by a liberal centre-ist Govt with mates in the media and a breakdown in all sorts of boundaries and a new fat growth of a middle class skilled at behavioural weaving ..

Its a mentally unhealthy period to live in... With manipulation of Users in mental health by bureacrats and a socially pornographic class ready and willing to turn themselves into anything ... A definition of hell I think ..

Spain eh ? Yeah I've seen a spanish presence on my Blogs


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