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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Request for Information from Surrey PCT

Diane Woods
Director of Commissioning
MH and Learning Difficulties

Dear Diane,

I spoke to Emmanuel Gbetuwa Mental Health Commissioning Manager on the 23rd May 2007 and he confirmed that the Richmond Fellowship had submitted revised proposals for running the Old Moat Garden Centre , agreed that this information should be placed in the public domain and stated that he would get back to me within days to provide me with a copy of the proposals or an explanation why he could not..

Emmanuel appears to have forgotten to do this so would you please :

1.provide me with a copy of the revised proposals submitted by the Richmond Fellowship


2. explain the extent of public consultation there has been over the Richmond Fellowships new plans for the Old Moat Garden Centre

as with this matter dragging on for over a year now at great public expense I am sure you understand the need for greater transparency and accountability .

Please treat the above questions as FOIA requests.

Thank You

Des Curley


At 3:54 pm, Anonymous Des said...

I phoned Diane and Emmanuel at the Surrey PCT this afternoon but they were not available. I left a message for Emmanuel asking him to explain why he has not bothered to get back to me about providing information about the revised Richmond Fellowship plans, something he agreed to do on the 23rd May.

I'll let you know if/how Emmanuel responds.


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